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Sutros is for the Community

There are so many musicians out there producing original, totally amazing work. If you're one of them, we want to hear what you've been up to. If you have not yet played an instrument or recorded a song, we hope that by listening to the music on Sutros, you will be inspired to contribute some music of your own. And, since every community thrives on trust and encouragement, your polite comments and measured critiques are greatly appreciated. We hope that you have as much fun on the site as you have playing music.

Respect Your Fellow Musicians

Here are a few commonsense guidelines that will help improve everyone's experience on Sutros:

Please keep these guidelines in mind, along with our Terms of Use, when uploading and making use of content on Sutros. If we believe you've crossed any of these boundaries, your account may be permanently terminated.

Thanks for your hard work and for taking part in this community. A round of applause to you all! Enjoy!


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